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OpenDSP v0.8b pre-release

First public image release aimed for Raspberry PI 2 and 3 only, other platforms are on the roadmap, like arm odroid XU3 and X86/X86_64.

A really, really opensource Muse receptor? Your new djing environment? Need a video art dedicated computer?

Download Raspberry PI2 and PI3 OpenDSP image

It has support for 2 apps:

Plugmod -> Modular audio enviroment based on Ingen from drobilla.

Djing -> Djing environemnt based on Mixxx

On first boot opendsp will resize your sdcard /data partition to the maximun size of it. Turn on and wait until you got the OPENDSP login screen.

At this time you should have Plugmod environment up and running, also a projectM based visualizer for your fresh music ideas to become visual art. All the parameters can be configured on system.cfg

Connect via Network ethernet: If your network has DHCP server you only need to open your web browser and go to http://opendsp to have access to virtual display. On main display you can plug your hdmi monitor to have a nice visualizer responds to your music.

Connect via Network Wifi dongle: connect your dongle at boot time, find the access point named “OpenDSP”, use the password default “opendspd”

Connect via SSH: # ssh opendsp@opendsp, password: “opendsp”

Connect via VNC: opendsp:5900

Connect via WEB Browser: http://opendsp

You can access all your user data via windows network to be accessed at Mac, windows or linux. Just open your network share area and find the one named “opendsp”

A djing environment can be setup at boot by just configuring the system.cfg at user data partition.

Find out more information about on oficial webpage: