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Aciduino V2 beta is out!

After some hard work to design the smallest, cheapest, minimal(but extendable) and yet functional and fun sequencer, here we got the so awaiting version 2!
A Roland TB-303 and TR-808 step sequencer DIY clones in one little machine!

Everything starts with some users asking for a aciduino with display version, so i challenge myself to design not only a new version with display but also the smallest and easiest to build at all time professional grade step sequencer with the addition of a TR-808 engine for your acid drums.

The full 303 engine of first version is present plus a new 808 engine for drums with a nice euclidian generator for great acid random ideas at the press of a button!

This version is multi-arch that allows differents micro-controllers to be used on the build, rigth now supports Arduino Mega, any Teensy >= 3.2 and a experimental and ongoing support to ESP32.

You can find the source code and schematics at github aciduino v2 repo.

Aciduino V2 on real life

Midilab doing Phuture Acid tracks cover jam:

A nice jam from B_A_T beta testing aciduino v2! All the rythms and basses sequencers were generated on the fly using generative engine of aciduino, make music with a press of a button: