udigrudi and “ear the thinker”

Translate voice pitches into colors, from mechanical vibration of human vocal folds to electrochemical signals traveling inside the brain of “ear the thinker”.

Udigrudi and DiverSom Art Works

Ear the thinker is a art work – from DiverSom Exhibition – made by Udigrudi and Midilab at June 2016 on CCBB – Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil – Brasilia.

Udigrudi is a theater/circus/music group founded in 1982, what makes them the older contemporany kinda of group in Brazil.

Ear the Thinker

A giant ear model to simulate the human hearing process using a Arduino nano, a microfone, servo motor and color led strips.

A video is worth two thousand words

A fast ferrier transform free library code for arduino help me out doing the trick of transform the voice pitches into color spectrum in realtime.

Exhibit informative Panels

The Panels are covered by a adhesive that turn they into a mirror.

But when someone get closer to the panel, a sensor inside him trigger a smooth backlight dimmer process that turns the mirrored Panel into a informative media panel with data about the Art Work.

There were 16 big Panels total.