OpenDSP is linux distribution aimed to be a headless DSP machine focused on audio and video real-time processing. It interfaces via MIDI or OSC Protocol for user operation and interaction feedback.

A real-time kernel and a sub-set of opensource applications, plugins and tools makes OpenDSP vastly hackable for different kinda of DSP tasks.

One important effort on OpenDSP development is to make him easily installabe and usable on a variety range of platforms. But at this very first stage we have only Raspberry PI2 and PI3 images, on road map some other ARMV7 platforms like odroid XU3 and Intel X86.

Keep in mind that OpenDSP is Archlinux based and can be easily ported to any other kinda of platform that linux kernel can support.

OpenDSP Interface

OpenDSP comes with a main system interface that can be accessed via MIDI or OSC.

Also, connecting your OpenDSP to your network makes you able to access other interfaces like:

A Network Share: All you user data like samplers, dj set music files and system config can be accessed from Linux, Mac or Windows without any previous configuration. Just search for the network share named “opendsp”.

A Virtual Screen: Depends on the ecosystem for the opendsp app some of his programs may need X11 support, in that case you have a Web Browser interface to interact with. It can be accessed thru this address: http://opendsp/ or for a more stable connection a direct VNC accesss on “opendsp:5900”.

Plug-and-Pray Wifi dongle It has a built-in plug-and-pray support for wifi dongles that automaticly creates a access point called “OpenDSP” so you can interface with your opendsp via wifi using you mobile celphone or a tablet. default pass: opendspd

The main video output normaly accessed via HDMI or DVI port are always dedicated to video projection. In that case you should not be using this display to do management on your app needs, for that matter you have the Virtual Display to be use.

OpenDSP Applications

Different from an linux like application, OpenDSP application concept is a sub-set of N applications, tools, scripts and any other needed resource to bring a usable and headless controllable ecosystem for a specific DSP task.

All the application ecosystem is controlled via OpenDSP Service. You can write your own application using his API interface, the source code for OpenDSP Service is avaliable at opendspd github repository.

Each application has his main interface accessible via MIDI or OSC just like the main OpenDSP system interface. In some cases you can have an interface via Virtual Display also via web browser or direct vnc accesss.


  • plugmod: It features a multi-track or a single-track virtual instrument to be loaded on demand, for live shows or on the studio for composing tasks. Based on Ingen and Ecasound

  • djing: 4 audio decks simulating a DJ mixing environment like Tracktor or Serato. Based on Mixxx and it uses Virtual Display so you can connectly visualy via any tablet or mobile celphone.

  • vjing: A Vj setup for video performances with effects and video mapping support

  • looping: A realtime audio looper setup with 8 channels like a boss loopstation. Based on luppp.

The first 2 major application released are plugmod and djing. The others are still be worked on for the next releases.


Know issues

Raspberry bug to load djing app, we have sucefully run it on odroid XU3, investigating so far…

Source code

You can fork and participate on the dev team using github: