First PCB Batch for uMODULAR!

The first batch run of uMODULAR PCBs are finally here!

Ordered from Seeed Studio, the batch runs on china. Everything came well pack/protected and it looks very professional! All PCB boards tested and no bugs found on the final product. Congratulation on Seeed Studio for the excellent service!


The first shiled relased is for the Arduino Micro and Mini series, the project have plans to support other boards also.

+ Arduino Micro and Mini 5v Compatible + Arduino Mega Compatible

IO Interfaces

Input and Output interfaces to interact with the world

+ FADER8: 8 x 60mm faders module – designed for Bourns PTA6043-2015DPB103 part. fader8

+ POT8: 8 x potentiometers module – designed for Bourns PTV09A-4015F-B103 part. But it fits for almost all 10KB through hole potentiometer models.

+ PUSH8: 8 x button/led module push8

Midi Interface

+ MIDI4: Common MIDI interface with support for 2 MIDI Inputs and 2 MIDI Outputs. midi4

What can be done with those PCBs?

To get more information please read the uMODULAR page.